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The Hedge Empress

Black Moonstone Freeform

Black Moonstone Freeform

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Black Moonstone, with its mysterious allure, is known for its powerful metaphysical properties. It's believed to enhance intuition, inner growth, and connection to the lunar energies. This stone is often associated with the divine feminine and carries a sense of deep mystery and magic.


Place this Black Moonstone Freeform in your sacred space to tap into its energies. It's thought to help you explore your inner self, connect with your emotions, and find balance in the ever-changing tides of life.


Elevate your energy and embrace the metaphysical properties of Black Moonstone with our captivating freeform, a symbol of intuition, transformation, and the hidden depths of the self. Invite its mystical influence into your life and discover the magic within6.7 oz weight

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