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The Hedge Empress

Simple wire wrapped rings.

Simple wire wrapped rings.

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 Metaphysical Properties of Gemstones for Copper Rings


1. **Carnelian**

   - **Energy and Vitality:** Boosts motivation, endurance, and courage.

   - **Creativity:** Enhances artistic expression and creative thinking.

   - **Confidence:** Promotes self-esteem and assertiveness.


2. **Rose Quartz**

   - **Love and Compassion:** Encourages unconditional love and emotional healing.

   - **Harmony:** Balances emotions and promotes inner peace.

   - **Self-Love:** Fosters self-acceptance and self-care.


3. **Smoky Quartz**

   - **Grounding:** Provides stability and protection against negative energies.

   - **Clarity:** Enhances focus and dispels confusion.

   - **Stress Relief:** Eases anxiety and promotes calmness.


4. **Pyrite**

   - **Abundance:** Attracts wealth and prosperity.

   - **Protection:** Shields against negative energies and environmental pollutants.

   - **Confidence:** Boosts willpower and determination.


5. **Sodalite**

   - **Intuition:** Enhances insight and spiritual perception.

   - **Communication:** Improves communication skills and self-expression.

   - **Calmness:** Promotes emotional balance and tranquility.


6. **Tiger's Eye**

   - **Courage:** Encourages bravery and overcoming fears.

   - **Protection:** Guards against negative influences.

   - **Focus:** Enhances concentration and mental clarity.


7. **Leopard Jasper**

   - **Harmony:** Balances physical, emotional, and mental aspects.

   - **Adaptability:** Aids in navigating change and embracing new experiences.

   - **Nurturing:** Provides support during stressful times.


8. **Lepidolite**

   - **Emotional Balance:** Reduces stress and stabilizes mood swings.

   - **Spiritual Growth:** Encourages spiritual awareness and higher consciousness.

   - **Tranquility:** Promotes restful sleep and relaxation.


Copper enhances the properties of these gemstones by amplifying their energies and facilitating energy flow throughout the body.

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