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The Hedge Empress

Hot Foot Powder

Hot Foot Powder

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🔥✨ Hey Witchy Women! 🔮✨

Ready to add a little 🔥 to your spellwork? Introducing our Hot Foot Powder! 🌶️👣

🔸 Small Size - $6
🔸 Large Size - $12


👣 How to Use:
1️⃣ Sprinkle a small amount in the path of your target.
2️⃣ Visualize your intentions as you sprinkle.
3️⃣ Use with caution and responsibility.

Add some spice to your magic and show those negative energies the door! 🚪✨

Grab yours now and get ready to walk the walk! 👠🔥

#WitchyWoman #HotFootPowder #SpiceUpYourSpellwork


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