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From the mines

Celestite cluster

Celestite cluster

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Immerse yourself in the celestial embrace of our Celestite Cluster, a testament to ethically sourced and fair trade practices. This exquisite crystal not only enchants with its delicate blue hues but also resonates with profound energetic properties.


Emanating tranquility and higher vibrations, Celestite is renowned for:


- **Calming Energy**: Invite peace and serenity into your space.

- **Divine Connection**: Facilitate communication with celestial realms.

- **Spiritual Growth**: Elevate your consciousness and expand awareness.


Rest assured, our Celestite Clusters are ethically sourced and crafted through fair trade practices, ensuring not only the highest quality but also a positive impact on the communities involved. Embrace the harmonious blend of ethical responsibility and celestial energy with this remarkable Celestite Cluster. Elevate your space and spirit with a crystal that aligns with your values.

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