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The Hedge Empress

Smudge Spray

Smudge Spray

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**Smudging Spray**



Elevate your spiritual practices with our Smudging Spray, a powerful blend of essential oils and distilled moon water designed to cleanse and protect your space. This convenient and smoke-free alternative to traditional smudging harnesses the metaphysical properties of its natural ingredients to promote clarity, protection, and positivity.


**Ingredients & Metaphysical Properties:**


- **Cinnamon Oil:** Known for its ability to attract prosperity and abundance, cinnamon oil also enhances spiritual protection. It creates a warm, inviting atmosphere while driving away negative energies.


- **Black Pepper Oil:** This potent oil is revered for its protective qualities. Black pepper oil helps to ward off negative influences and strengthens your spiritual armor, promoting courage and determination.


- **Rosemary Oil:** Rosemary is a powerful purifier and cleanser. Its oil is used to boost mental clarity, enhance memory, and dispel negativity. It is often associated with protection and love.


- **Vinegar:** A natural cleanser, vinegar is traditionally used in purification rituals. It helps to break down stagnant energies and leaves your space feeling refreshed and revitalized.


- **Distilled Moon Water:** Charged under the full moon, distilled moon water carries the energy of lunar cycles. It enhances intuition, emotional healing, and spiritual growth, making it a perfect base for this potent smudging spray.



Shake well before each use. Spray around your space, focusing on corners, entryways, and areas where you feel heavy or negative energy. Use during meditation, rituals, or whenever you need a quick energy cleanse.


**Note:** For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Transform your environment with our Smudging Spray and invite in clarity, protection, and positive energy. 


**Order now to cleanse and uplift your space effortlessly!**

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